Looking for didactic and hands-on with a Boarded Specialist, consider:

Soft Tissue Levels 1 and 2, and Cardiac Levels 1 and 2 ultrasound offerings as noted under the Classes tab. These courses take you from a Basic to an Intermediate/Advanced imaging skill set. Each level progresses from the previous one. All classes include lecture with emphasis on hands-on scanning, that encompasses equipment controls, scan protocols, and recommended measurements and labels.

Looking for Scanning Skill and Image Tweaking on Your machine, consider:

We now offer some online Soft Tissue and Cardiac classes, as well as One-On-One In-clinic Ultrasound Training with a Sonographer, or Specialist, with CE. We can come to you and design the day around your ultrasound needs. Call or email for more information.

Too many people to train, and no time to travel, consider:

We have one-on-one, or small group in-clinic Ultrasound, Radiology, CT, and MRI training, with RACE CE. If you have one, or several people you would like to train and no time to travel, we can customize a day, or more for your needs with an Imaging Specialist. Call or email for information.

Looking to reach your Ultrasound goals quickly, consider:

The Small Animal Soft Tissue and Cardiac Immersion Programs. If you desire to reach proficient to excellent, ultrasound skills quickly, gain confidence to charge for your services, and enjoy a challenge, then consider the Immersion Programs. These courses hold you accountable through written and hands-on testing, as well as scanning homework, and critiques, which we feel escalates your personal needs with respect to becoming an excellent scanner. Both the Soft Tissue and Cardiac Programs are spread out over 3 to 4 months. These are not accredited ultrasound programs, as those do not exist in the veterinary industry yet, but you will receive a Certificate of Small Animal Soft Tissue Ultrasound Proficiency upon completion. These are noted under the Classes tab.